His little girl had been very good this day and was allowed an extra hour on the computer for play time. He was tired so he went to bed early giving her strict instructions to be off in time and to come right to bed.

There has only been one time he didn’t allow her to sleep on the bed. She remembers it well and appreciates the privilege of being able to sleep with him close by his side and in his arms and makes sure she never throws a tantrum like that one again. That is one night she remembers like it was yesterday. He spanked her very soundly then had her sleep on a pallet on the floor. The not feeling his touch through the night is what hurt the most and sticks out in her heart and mind.

Thankfully this is not that night and she is in a special mood this evening. She looks over to her Master sleeping so well and looking so adorable. No matter how hard she tries she can’t concentrate on working on anything on the computer; she just keeps looking back yearning for his touch. She is only a little bit into her free time and begins to shut things down preparing to go to bed with her Master.

She stands beside the bed and slips all her clothes off and climbs up on the bed next to him and snuggles under the covers with him. She begins slipping her hands down his body, touching him, feeling him and getting closer to him.

He moans softly feeling her naked body next to his and puts an arm around her pulling her in closer then drifts soundly back off to sleep. She lets out a soft whimper as she feels his strong hand run down her back and pulls her closer. She slides her legs close to his and he rolls slowly to his back pulling her into him as he does. She rests her head on his chest and places her left leg slightly over his and presses herself against his thigh.

She caressed his chest with her open hand and slowly slid it down his belly, hip then thigh. She gently persuaded his leg to part from the other and ran her hand slowly up his thigh. She began to gently touch and stroke him and he moaned softly but remained asleep. She slowly slipped down the bed bringing her mouth down to him and very carefully licked and circled the head with her tongue. As she stroked him with her hand and brought her hand to the base she slipped it in her mouth completely her mouth following her hand.

He lifted off the bed a tiny bit and was moaning but still asleep. She was trying to be careful not to wake him but to pleasure him at the same time. She continued to stroke him with her mouth and hand slowly. It became fully erect and hard in her mouth and hand. After only a few more strokes he had woke up and was moaning a little louder. She knew he was awake when his hand reached down and was caressing her head and playing with her hair.

“Mmmm my little girl”

She continued to stroke and suck on him paying special attention to moving her tongue around and circling the head when she would stroke up. Shed pause and suck on just the head and push her tongue in on it then slip all the way back down sucking him in deeply down her throat. Moaning loving the taste of him. She picked the pace up a little bit not missing a stroke with either her hand or her mouth.

She could feel him begin to throb in her mouth and knew his time was coming close. She turned her hand in circular motions as she continued to suck and lick him with her tongue. His moans were getting louder.

“MMmmm that’s it my little girl, don’t stop”

She wasn’t going to stop she wanted to taste all of him. She continued to suck and stoke him and moan against him as she wanted to please him and take all of him in. It was only a few strokes later he was there and as she felt the pulsating begin she started to swallow and moaned loudly around him loving the taste as his heat slipped down her throat. She sucked and drained all of it from him.

“MMMmm very good my little girl”

She lifted up and came back to his side and he rolled to her running his hands down her body and leaning in to kiss her neck. As he spoke he did so in a soft moan.

“Mmmm why did my little girl wake me”

“This girl wanted to please you Sir, and taste you”

“Is that right my girl”

“Yes Master”

“Well it felt very good my little one”

He lifted and gently pushed her on her back and he leaned in for a deep passionate kiss. He could taste himself in her mouth. Their tongues mingled and danced together. They both moaned as they enjoyed the moment. He began to slip his hand down her body and slipped his hand between her legs and she graciously opened them wider for him. He ran his hand up her thigh then placed it in-between her legs and slipped a finger in her folds gently and parted them and slid it up and down several times. She groaned out and lifted off the bed slightly.

“Feel good my baby girl?”

“Ohhh Yes Master, very good”

He slipped a finger inside of her and she grabbed his arm and was holding on as she lifted and pressed into his hand. He leaned in and was kissing her neck and cheek as he slid his finger in and out of her slow then faster.

“Cum for me little one” he whispered in her ear as he continued to stroke her deeply with his finger. Just as he felt her begin to tighten around the one finger he slipped a second one in. He pushed in deep and wiggled his fingers inside of her caressing the soft tissue inside of her. As he pressed in she begins to flow warmth all in his hand. She moaned out really loud and whimpered under his every touch.

“That’s my girl, good girl”

“Ohmm thank you Master”

She was gripping his arm and squeezing his fingers really tight. She lowered back down to the bed and was trying to curl up a little from the multiple orgasms. She clinched his hand between her thighs. He kept his hand there and allowed for it to pass.

She slowly loosened her grip and relaxed against him and he slid his fingers slowly out of her. He raised his hand to his mouth and began sucking his two fingers. One finger then the other went into his mouth.

“Mmm very good my girl” he smiled very pleased.

He rolled over on top of her leaning gently on top of her and kisses her deeply while spreading her legs and lifting one from the back of her thigh. He placed her leg on his shoulder. Between her soft moans, whimpers and the taste of her he was up again and ready to take her.

He pressed himself at her entrance but not enough to penetrate her. She let out a soft moan and placed her hand helping to hold her leg up and to also have something to hold on to. He slowly started to slide inside of her, he moaned as he felt her lips part when he pressed himself passed them and sunk completely into her.

After he had fully penetrated her he pressed hard and held it deep inside of her. She moaned out louder.

“Ohh Master, please take me”

“Mmm yes my girl I will”

He began sliding in and out of her gracefully feeling every stroke. The room was now filed with her moans and whimpers and pleas for him to take her, all of her.

“That’s it my girl tell me what you want”

He continued to slide in and out only now he is picking up the pace. He is pressing harder and deeper each time. He pressed and pivoted his hips going off to the side a little making her feel every inch. She lifted and started rocking her hips to meet his every stroke. She began to feel warmth come all over her and watching her he knew.

“Cum for me again little one”

He could tell she was holding instead of listening.

“Now girl”

She let out a loud groan and suddenly was doing as she was told. Her moans were louder and much more intense then they had been in a long time. Hearing her brought him closer even faster. He loved to hear her moaning and whimpering in pleasure under his hands. She had intended when she got in bed to be the one giving herself to only pleasure him and as usual he took over and had his way with her. He had sent her places this night she had not intended at all. When she moaned out again he was filling her with his heat and she got even louder.

“That’s my girl give it all to me”

He pressed in hard one last time filling her completely and she milked him still in her own spasms then began to lower herself to the bed and only soft whimpers were the noises she was making.

He slowly withdrew from her and laid her leg down. Then he crawled up next to her and held her close as she whimpered and soft moaned in his arms.

“I love you my girl”

After only a short pause she in a very low voice said “This girl loves you too Master, thank you Sir”

“My pleasure my little one”