This was just as any other typical nights accept that tonight He made plans for them to go out and it would be slightly different then usual.

When He came in she was in her rested on her legs kneeled position legs parted palms up head high back straight eyes lowered as she should be. she was dressed in one of her permitted comfy night shirts and nothing else.

He was carrying a bag and kneeled down close to her. He raised her chin and looked at her, “Stand up my pet”

“Yes Sir” He stood and then lowered His hand to help her up. she stood in front of Him wondering what’s in the bag. He brought His arm around her pulling her in really close holding her body to His and kissed her. “mmmm I have such a good lil pet”

“Thank You Master”

“I have a surprise for you my girl, I’m not sure how you are going to take this but I trust you to do your best as always to please Me.”

“Yes Master”

He sets the bag down on the bed. “W/we are going to the Dungeon tonight.” she got all excited when He said that because that is like one of her favorite places He takes her. she gets to see her friends and they have play parties and live scenes. He keeps her on a literal leash when they go so there is no misunderstanding she is not to be used by anyone and He keeps her close by. However tonight would be slightly different.

“I know you have already showered but I want you to go dress and get ready to go out and what I want you to wear are your black silk thongs, leather black skirt, black silk shirt, black heels with your garter and stockings. Understand?”

“Yes Master” she was trying not to be overly excited so she could listen carefully to what He was telling her. she was waiting for the rest of the details.

“Some of O/our friends will be there including Kelly, I know that’s what you are waiting to hear *He smiled at her* and Steve will be there. W/we four are going to meet there. W/we are just going for a little fun and to hang out together. you have been a very good girl and thought it would be nice for U/us to go out.

she smiled, “yes Master” she is really excited now, Kelly is a Mistress but is a very good friend of hers. Those four have had some wild adventures before but tonight will be one none of them will ever forget.

“I want you to go get dressed then bring out the flogger and come to Me”

“Yes Master”

she left from in front of Him and with butterflies of excitement of them going out she went and got dressed. He doesn’t like a lot of makeup but some is ok and she fixes her hair and puts on exactly what He tells her including the stockings with the garter and snaps. she went into the closet where He keeps their toys and behind the clothes is hanging their flogger. she gets all goose bumpy just getting allowed to touch it.

she stands in front of the closet for a few minutes and just runs the soft leather through her fingers. she has never understood why she loves so the bite of that soft leather against her skin, and He does it with such care and love. Every sting is like a new moment in life.

she pulls herself back in knowing He is waiting on her and closes the closet doors and walks to Him fully dressed and with the flogger. she gets on her knees in front of Him and kisses the flogger that is now laid across her palms and lowers her eyes as she raises it to Him.

It was almost painful to hear Him say “I won’t be using this on you tonight girl”

she stayed in her kneeled position with her eyes closed for a moment then looks up to Him. He had His hand out to her and helped her to her feet.

“The items in that bag are for Me. you are not to look into that bag until I have gone to take My shower, then you are to take them and consider them, then I am expecting you to use them do you understand My girl?” He placed the flogger on the bed besides the bag.

“Yes Master”

He walked off after leaning in and kissing her deeply, He was acting kind of odd but she figured maybe He is just tired with school and all and this night out is just what He needs.

After He walked off she was almost scared to look in the bag, but He said it was for Him. Well she figured she better look because whatever it is, she may need time to consider as He put it.

When she opened the bag she couldn’t help but let out a little gasp. Inside the bag was a dog collar, black with little silver studs and a leash to match. He wanted to switch and He wants to do it tonight and wants to go in public she thought…… T/they had talked about it before playfully and she has said how she would do certain things to Him and there of course is the patten… (If you read this and want to know what the patten is ask the writer) but she never knew He would be serious much less go in public…

she stood in absolute amazement and before long she heard Him in the archway coming from their shower. she turned and looked at Him. He was in only His towel and His hair was wet but towel dried. she knew He was waiting on her answer and reply as to what she held in her hand.

she took in a deep breath then put the bag and leash down but walked to Him with the collar. she was really nervous but very much wanted to please Him. As she walked to Him with the collar He took it to mean she agreed and was going to do as she was told and asked so He lowered Himself to the floor on His knees.

T/they locked eyes as she stopped in front of Him with the collar. she leaned over kissed His lips then looking Him in the eyes whispered “Are You sure?” Without even a blink He answered “Yes Mistress” and she placed the collar around his neck.

Before even getting off his knees, She said “Ground rules, no Ma’am-Mistress only and you can call Me Tam but preferably only Mistress, anything you want to say before W/we continue?”

“No Mistress, limits are the same as Yours, and i trust You”

She just looked at him. This was in ways so hard for Her because She had always looked to him for the answers and for things to be planned and worked out completely by him. Now it rested totally on Her. She tried to clear Her mind of Her racing thoughts and looked down to Him still kneeled waiting on Her.

“Go dress for tonight; wear your black silk boxers, jeans, black silk button up shirt”

“yes Mistress” he got up and went to go dress.

She snickered to Herself, W/we maybe all mixed up tonight but at least W/we will be dressed alike.

She had walked back over to the bed waiting on him and when She seen him in the doorway She nearly melted. Strong, handsome and smelled so good. he just smiled at Her knowing what She was thinking because he knew Her so well.

Before She could even think he kneels down to the floor, then drops to all four and starts crawling towards Her, his butt wiggling with each crawl, head high but eyes lowered until reaching Her feet. he oddly seemed like a natural.

She smiled down at him. Hooked the leash to his collar then tugged on it for him to stand in front of Her. She tugged again on his leash and pulled him in close for a kiss. She looked at him and said “I think I am going to like this leash just for the purpose of being able to pull you close and kissing them sweet lips anytime I want to.”

T/they both smiled. She lifted the flogger from the bed and handed it to him. he pondered for a moment on knowing how much She loves this thing and how She is so well behaved after him using it on Her for pleasure purposes. It seems to bring Her to a whole new state of being.

“you are still going to drive U/us to the Dungeon and will open My doors and this all ends like Cinderella this evening and when W/we wake in the morning other then to discuss it, it wont have happened, understood?”

“yes Mistress”

T/they gathered T/their things and headed to the Dungeon. While driving he pondered on the one time they roll played in a chat room with their friends and if She will act that way and it be little play things or will She truly Top him and *gulp of a thought* use the flogger on him. She has never hit him ever. Not other then wrestling and playing and even then She is very careful. he chose the flogger in hopes that maybe if She did use it she could maybe express the love She has for it from the other end of the leather so he can better know his slave.

In the car the leash was attached and the flogger lay across Her lap. When T/they reached the Dungeon he got out holding his leash and opened Her door. As She stepped out he handed Her his leash. “Thank you boy”

“You’re welcome Mistress”

They walked into the Dungeon and he was a step or two behind Her and She held his leash. She spotted T/their friends across the Dungeon and went in T/their direction. When Kelly seen the collar on his neck She nearly choked on Her drink and steve slipped out a small gasp and Kelly glared at him. steve cowered back down.

As T/they reached the table Kelly stood and Her and Tam hugged. Kelly looked in carstens direction and smiled at Tam, a few things changed since the last time W/we talked… this morning! They both laughed.

She answered; “Yeah just a little Cinderella” then She winked at Kelly.

The floor was empty and there was no scene going on.

“Anything good planned tonight that You know of Kelly?”

“There is one I am sure You will be interested in that’s on the board.”

“Oh really?”

“Yeah go have a look”

“you stay here boy I will be right back”

“Yes Mistress”

Her eyes widened and She nearly fell when She read the board and Kelly just put Her hand on Her back, “There, there girl *laugh* no melting yet”

“I see the floor is empty until then, maybe I will reserve sometime and ready My boy for the following show”

Kelly said, “What am I going to do with You girl” They both laughed.

She signed up for the current time which ran right into the next show She was very happy to see what was going to happen.

Kelly just says, “This I have got to see”

The lights started to lower and everyone knew it meant a scene was fixing to happen and that on many occasions they are not planned and simply just happen.

steve and carsten just looked around and seen their Mistress’s returning. they both stood to welcome the Lady’s back then dropped to kneel beside Their feet. Just as he got to the floor She tugged on his leashed, “no you wont be kneeling this one out, come with Me boy”

his heart sank and looked over to steve then back up to his Mistress. he took a deep breath and followed as She led him to the center of the room. She unhooked his leash and tossed it gently to the side. You could hear the chain hitting the floor. There are little Dungeon slaves that help and serve freely while in the Dungeon. As the chain hit the floor a slave girl scampered over and picked up the chained leash and set it nearby on a table.

She slowly circled around him as she ran the leather strands of the flogger through Her hand. She stopped in front of him. “Unbutton your shirt and take it off”

he looked at Her with his heart racing, thinking She is actually going to use that flogger on him…. he kept his eyes locked with Hers as he unbuttoned and removed his shirt and handed it to Her. She held the shirt out and a slave girl quickly took it and placed it on the back of a chair where the leash was.

“Now remove your jeans and hand them to Me.”

he hesitated. he just looked at Her. “Is there a problem boy?”

“May i speak to You Mistress?”

She stepped closer, “What is it boy?”

“Is it really necessary for this boy to remove his pants Mistress?” No one could hear him speaking but they would hear Her reply.

She stepped back.

“Do as you were told boy”

he reluctantly took his jeans off and stood now only in his silk boxers worried those would be next. She handed the jeans to the slave girl waiting and then began walking around him stopping to press Her body against his. She leaned in close and kissed his shoulder and whispered, “Put your hands behind your head interlocking your fingers. Part your legs slightly to brace yourself then do not move understand My boy?”

“Yes Mistress”

Kelly was watching very intently. Wondering what in the world is this girl up to knowing this is only Cinderella and She best be careful in the things She chooses to do. She can tote a leash all She wants but Kelly knows that She is all girl.

She brought one hand around the front of him and caressed his chest and ran Her fingernails grazing his skin causing him to quiver just a little. he moaned out very soft nearly only She could hear him… “you like that My baby”

“yes Mistress”

She stepped back and drew Her arm back and snapped Her wrist letting the tips of the flogger strike his ass cheeks five times one right after the other. He grunted bracing himself and biting his lip feeling the stinging. Then again She drew back and caught the back of his thighs two strikes on each one.

he swallowed hard and braced himself after nearly buckling at the knees from the last four lashes of the flogger.

Kelly placed Her hand over her mouth and steve crunched down a little. steve whispered, “Mistress, are W/we seeing this or sharing a dream?”

“Shhhh, Ohh W/we are seeing it babyboy”

She walked to the front of him and locked eyes with him as She got really close slipped her hand into the back of his boxers and ran Her hand across his stinging ass cheeks. he closed his eyes for only a moment and looked back at Her.

“That was for hesitating when I told you to remove the jeans”

“yes Mistress, sorry Mistress”

She leaned in and kissed his soft lips. he let out a soft moan and returned the kiss.

She ran her nails up and down his back with one hand and whispered, “Close your eyes and don’t open them until I tell you”

“yes Mistress” he looked at Her for a few moments then closed his eyes as She told him to.

She stepped back and in a criss-crossed swing She began lightly laying the leather tails across his skin. Walking around him not missing a step or a swash of the flogger, She was hitting his upper body continually, his back, sides, and chest. Lightly stinging in some places and only caressing it in others.

Red stripes began to show up all over his body. She watched his face and his expressions as the flogger landed on his body. he winched at times and others you could tell he was just trying to relax and control his breathing to bear it.

She got a little harder making the stripes a little more red. When his face changed and she could tell this was almost more then he could take She slowed it back down.

She stopped swinging and walked up behind him and he let out a gasp when Her body touched his. She caressed his chest gently feeling the welts from the flogger grazing her palm lightly over them.

She slipped Her hand down his belly and kissed his shoulder and whispered, “you ok”

his voice cracked a little and he wet his lips with his tongue and answered, “yes Mistress”

She could feel his heart was beating kind of fast and he was doing his best to control his breathing. She slipped Her hand down the front of his boxers and reached low enough to cup all of his sack and balls and base of his cock in Her hand.

he let out a deep sigh and moan feeling Her touch him. She gently raked her nails upward and took his cock in Her hand and barely stroked it.

“Prefer this instead of the flogger boy”

“ohh yess Mistress”

She slips Her hand out of his boxers and caresses his chest… kisses across his shoulders walking in front of him.

“Go get dressed now, leave the shirt unbutton and you have the choice of the jeans being fastened or not, then return where you belong”

“yes Mistress thank You Mistress”

She walked over to the table and sat by Kelly. Kelly looked at Her. She took a drink of water and smiled, “What?”

Kelly just laughed at Her. “Just hope You know what You are doing is all, paybacks a mother fucker”

Kelly said, “Can’t believe You did that with the next show coming up”

She replied, “Never enough”

She turned to see Her boy walking to Her and when his eyes caught Hers he dropped and began crawling and kneeled beside Her facing the center of the floor.

he looked to Her, “Mistress?”

“Yes boy?”

he lifted his leash to Her. “Thank you boy” She hooked it to his collar and laid it across Her lap. She ran Her fingers through his hair and caressed him pulling his head to lay on Her lap.

She tugged on his leash wanting him to his knees and She leaned over and kissed him. She noted his jeans were unfastened. She ran her hand across the red welts on his chest and he winched a little but smiled at Her. She tugged on the leash harder and brought him in closer and put one hand in his hair and yanked his face to Hers. Looked him deep in the eyes…. “i know my place, ready to go home?” he smiled at her.

“No Mistress it is ok, W/we can stay for the show”

The lights went dim again and the next scene was about to start. Her heart was racing. he has no clue what the next scene is. She did offer to leave though. Was his choice to stay.

A tall well built man came out in jeans with black leather over them; a short sleeve black shirt with a black leather vest, a long braded ponytail, tattoos and a girl accompanied Him. she had a small frame and was wearing a hooded cape of red.

The man came behind her and pulled off the cape to reveal she is wearing a red thong and red bikini top. One of the Dungeon slaves retrieved the cape quickly. she kept her arms down and hands cupped in front of her until He removed her cape then they went behind her. she kept her head down but her back straight.

He spoke. “This is My girl, her name is tara. she will be helping Me to show Y/you the joy in using a special flogger to send a girl into the subspace they desire to stay in. If done correctly they get well beyond the pain and will literally crave the flogger and flogging and more of the Master giving it to them.”

She looked down at him. “Are you sure you want to stay?”

“Yes Mistress”

He turned to the girl and she brought her arms out and up to Him as if she knew His every request without His asking. she raised her wrist to Him and kept her eyes lowered. He cuffed her wrist and hooked them to a hook above her hanging from the ceiling. It lifted her to nearly off her feet but her toes still touched.

“Before I get started I want Y/you to know W/we do not do these scenes often and she isn’t allowed this often…. This is so it keeps the craving alive within her.”

she drops her head back and her hair falls back behind her then she brings it back up and closes her eyes as He begins to walk around her. He stops in front of her and she looks to Him and with only a soft like an angel’s voice she says “Thank You Master” before He even gets started.

He starts walking in circles around the suspended bitch and just start lashing out mercilessly at her leaving a ring of diamond welts all around her body. Then He starts lashing her again with the dragon tail.

she sways from hanging from the cuffs and waits for each sting and welt. Moans and groans louder with each harder sting of the tail.

He is lashing it out catching her on her shoulder blades and back working His way down to her ass.

she feels it sting her shoulders and back… mmmmmmm moans louder…. yells out…. as it reaches her ass… growling slightly with the harder stings.

her body flailing around from the force of the tail and her jerking from the pain.

His smile broadens knowing her true state of being is beginning to surface.

Groaning deeply relaxing to take all He is giving to her… wanting more… every inch covered by the tail.

She quivers slightly and looks down at him and He looks up to Her. he has a very disgruntled look on his face as if questioning something but has said nothing. he is still on his knees close to Her. She leans into him, “What is it boy?”

“This is what a Masters girl desires? To be flailed by a tail like this?”

She ran Her fingers through his hair and pulled him close for a kiss…”shhhh just watch”

He steps back and the girl is just hanging there breathing a little erratic but calming as the moments pass. her body is covered in red diamond shaped welts all over.

He snaps His fingers and two slave girls come and release her and her body kind of slumps into their arms as they carefully walk her to the Dungeon Wall where there are wrist cuffs with chains long enough to drop her arms to her sides or bring them above her head yet short enough not to allow her to fall and hit the floor.

The slaves turn her to the wall and cuff her. They were prepared for this before the scene.

she first leaned against the cool Dungeon wall and tried pulling herself together for the second half, knowing that was only a warm up.

He stood waiting and watching. “It is time girl”

she placed her hands on the wall extending her arms so her body is not touching the wall, she spreads her legs and uses them to brace herself. she turned back to look at Him and only said “yes Master”

He smiles at His beautiful pet and her already red welted body. He walks behind her and licks one spot on her shoulder that seem to cut a little deep. she winched at the burning from His tongue licking it.

He pulled her hair and brought her head back and kissed her deeply then released her and stepped back.

He let an under hand strike fly and watches the dragon tail crawl up her thighs hitting the very wet spot she is waiting for and grins evilly awaiting her reaction

she holds onto the wall and groans deeply bending at the knees slightly, gasping “Thank You Masterrr” still holding onto the wall looking back at her Master with a tear but much love in her eyes. she raises her arms above her head and leans her body against the cool Dungeon wall and moans softly.

He tells her “Spread your legs wider My little bitch”

she raises her arms above her head and leans to the wall, legs spread even wider.

“yes Master”

He lets out 4 hard lashings first 2 landing on the crack of her ass the next 2 landing flush on the slit covering her fuck hole and He just grins Sadistically awaiting this reaction. He knows just how much this girl can take.

she grips the wall and lets out a loud yell an groan. she buckled at the knees holding onto the wall. Sliding down only slightly.

He smiles knowing it won’t be long.

she is feeling pain over every inch of her body and in places she didn’t realize were still there and yet feels dizzy and content.

she stands back up and raises her hands above her head…. leans her body against the cool wall spreading her legs slightly and just moans softly at the coolness of the wall.

He lets out a flurry of lashes which start striking her all over her ass back and then on the unworthy fuck hole she calls a pussy.

she bends at the knees and nearly falls sliding down the wall…. yelling out… keeping her hands on the wall… ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh gawdd…. nearly tempted to bring one hand between her legs to comfort her stinging pussy but knowing better.

He lets another 3 shots go to her pussy and hits her hand….. “NOW stand still girl”

“It is a very delicate matter dealing with floggers especially on the back, Y/you have to watch for the kidneys and other major organs, it is important she stand still. She already knows this and I allow her time to regain her composer enough to stand still”

she whimpers and cries out “yesss Masterr”

she gathers herself… and raises again to her feet…. slower then before…facing the wall.. taking in a clean breath and raises her arms above her head… leaning against the wall totally.. keeping her legs slightly parted.. feeling the sting to her hand… tears streaming… trying to breathe slow and steady… “yesss Master”

she just lays against the wall eyes closed breathing more steady hoping she has pleased Him. she feels her heart pounding against the wall.

He walks up behind her and releases her cuffs and catches her limp body. All Y/you can hear are faint whimpers of contentment from the girl He is carrying away.

Other then when they spoke his Mistress’s eyes never left the scene even though Her hands caressed him. Kelly and steve were fixing to leave because as Kelly puts it so bluntly “I’m ready to go fuck now!”

T/they all laughed and got up. She tugged on his leash, he fastened his pants and buttoned his shirt and they left the Dungeon.

T/there was complete silence on the trip home.

When T/they got in the door before it was even shut good He was unhooking the collar grabbed her by the arm and drug her to the bed.

He ripped, literally ripped her black silk blouse off of her and threw her towards the bed.

He turned her over and raised her skirt and stepped to His desk for scissors and cut her thong. He pulled hard up on her hips spread her legs with His knees reached down with His hands and opened her lips with His fingers. He seen she was very wet.

He unfastened His pants and let them and His boxers hit the floor and stepped out of them. He lined the head of His cock to her wet slit and rammed it hard inside of her. Pounding her like He has never before.

He started slapping her ass really hard as He pounded her harder and harder.

she moaned and yelled out very loudly from being taken by such force. It seemed the louder she got the harder He slapped her ass and pounded her deeper and deeper.

she was never given the opportunity to ask permission to cum and she thought maybe there was a purpose for this and before she knew it He was exploding deep inside of her yelling out in His own very forceful orgasm.

He rubbed her very red and what appears to be becoming a bruised ass cheek. He held deep inside of her for a few moments pressing in as she milked Him.

“Mmmmm that’s My girl”

He slipped out slowly but she didn’t move. He bent over and with the wetness He began rubbing her clit. she moaned and seemed to open up even wider lifting her hips higher.

He rubbed it in circles then began to tug and pinch and pull on it. she moaned out even louder. Then He seemed to be gone. Gone He was not. He stepped away to get the flogger.

Before she knew it He began laying harsh lashes out on her very open slit and clit with the flogger. He had His hand laid on her lower back to hold her still as He raised His arm back and came down strike after strike. He let a few land on her inner thighs.

she winched and squirmed and cried out from the intense stinging. He flailed her many times until she was crimson red on her thighs and crotch and was crying.

When He stopped she fell over to the side slowly and curled up in a ball whimpering.

He laid beside her and placed His hand between her legs from behind and whispered, “Don’t ever let Me see you look at another with that look ever again, if it is the flogger you crave it is the flogger you will get, do you understand” “yes Master”