The sun shining through the window, it is still very early and waking up I feel your naked body pressed against mine.

I smile silently remembering the late night early morning thrills and happiness we spent together.

I still feel the moisture from that special time

I was remembering. I scoot back to get even closer to you.

You press yourself against me, moan softly and I wait as I hear your breathing tell me that you are back fast asleep again.

I sigh comfortably in your arms. I slowly begin to slip away from you quietly not wanting to wake you to go take a shower.

You roll over as if reaching for me but stay asleep. I wait a moment then reach and pick up my towel and head for the bathroom for my shower.

I feel all warm and still very hot and wet and still wanting you very much so. I’m secretly hoping that after my shower you will be easy to gently wake so I can have more of the wonderful things you do to me.

Even though they are such sweet thoughts I began to feel more then just warm from my thoughts. I tried to fight it as I hung my towel and turned the water on.

I slipped into the shower and began moaning softly from the comfort of the hot shower. I reach up and wash my hair and face.

I reached for the soap and begin bathing rubbing the bar of soap all over. As I wash my nipples they began getting hard and I moaned slightly trying to resist the thoughts that were now flooding my mind.

I ran the soap over my stomach and then down between my legs. I am so hot there and I rub the soap longer then I should and then reached up and ran my free hand across both erect nipples.

I tugged a little on one then the other moaning softly as I also rub my now hard clit with the soap. I try even harder to resist knowing the rules of the not touching without permission.

You are a very good Master and gentle but that is one rule you seem to enforce more then any other.

My body is yours to do with as you please and is not to be touched by anyone not even me without permission.

As hard as I try I can not resist and I rub my clit even more. I raise my leg and place it on the side of the tub. I pinch and tug on my nipple as I continue to rub and pull on my clit that is now throbbing.

I want to cum so bad; I feel that warm tingle all over. I stop and try to catch my breath realizing how close I had gotten.

I not only was breaking the no touching rule but I was only moments away from Cumming without permission as well.

I rinsed my face and ran my fingers through my wet hair trying to regain my composure and wanting to try and relax I laid down in the tub with the shower still on.

The hot water still feels very good. I was trying to relax but all I wanted was more. I reached and began rubbing my hand across my nipples tugging and pinching again.

I then lay down completely in the tub and spread my legs very wide letting the shower hit me. “Ohm it feels so good.”

I reach down and spread my lips even wider and rub my clit hard and fast then spread and let the water hit it.

It didn’t take long and sure enough I was Cumming. I suddenly realized what I did and as good as it feels even still I know if I had been caught it would have been really bad.

I stood up and begin washing again hoping to wash away any evidence of my recent play time.

Still throbbing and feeling good I couldn’t help but close my legs tight around my hand and squeeze and let out a little moan.

I rubbed a little more with the soap. I tried turning the water to more cold to try and cool down and recover faster.

After a few moments I turned the water off and reached for the towel as I stepped out of the shower I nearly jumped out of my skin because you were standing right in the doorway.

My first thoughts were to begin immediately trying to confess and beg you for forgiveness but my fear helped me not do that.

Maybe you didn’t see anything. Maybe you just woke up and just opened the door. I know this would have made you so angry that surely you wouldn’t have let me go on. Would you?

You walked behind me and took the towel and slowly began drying me off. You rested the towel on my shoulders and stepped to the vanity door and picked up the brush and began brushing my hair back.

You leaned down and while pulling my hair away you kiss my neck and sniff me and tell me, “Mmmmmmm My lil pet you smell good, all clean now?”

“Yes Sir” my heart is pounding wondering just what did you see if anything at all.

In my mind I’m tossing with all these feelings and emotions, did you see me? If you didn’t don’t I need to confess?

What if you did see some and are just giving me the chance to confess…. in hopes of a clue to all my questions I ask…”Did I wake you? I tried to be very quiet so you could get your rest”

You reply, “No you didn’t really wake me, not with noise or anything but I was missing your warm body and came looking for you and was pleased to hear the shower running.

I was pleased thinking about what I could do to and with a fresh clean lil pet that belongs all to me.”

I smile even though I do not think my questions were answered. Then suddenly my answer came.

“You do belong only to me right my lil pet”

I began feeling queasy in my stomach and weak at the knees. You were kissing my neck and started running your hand up the back of my towel to my butt.

I moaned and leaned back against you and answered obediently “Yes Sir, all of me is all yours”

“Very good answer my pet”

You squeezed my right cheek really hard and said, “I know what you just said My lil pet but there seems to be a little problem somewhere because when I first came to that door my eyes were showing me that someone was touching and playing with all of you that is all mine”

I nearly fainted under the sound of your voice. Even though I have no idea how much you seen, you obviously have seen something that has gotten you not happy with me.

I wasn’t sure exactly what to say because I still have no idea what all you seen and my luck if I open my mouth I will be confessing allot more then you seen.

I know confession is good but I also know by the tone in your voice that I am already in allot of trouble and logically speaking I’m sure whatever happens from this point on will be enough to cover all that I did anyway.

I went to turn and say how sorry I was and begin to beg for forgiveness when you placed your finger across my lips and shushing me.

I quickly hushed.

You reached inside of my towel and pinched my left nipple and told me to go get on our sofa in the bedroom and to sit until you get there.

I lowered my head and said “Yes Sir”

I walked in the room wrapping the towel completely around me, my stomach in knots, my heart pounding; I was fussing at myself in my mind… How stupid that was… why I couldn’t wait. Ugg!

As I sat on the sofa I could hear you in our closet. Though in allot of cases that would be a good sound, there is not only toys in that closet there are also paddles, crops, cane, and more. You came back to our room and sat next to me on my left side.

I hung my head as you sat next to me.

You placed the bag down on the floor at your feet and opened it and began digging looking for the tool or toy of your choice.

I just kept my head hanging. I saw you pull the crop and the cane and purple toy as well as the large paddle out.

You began speaking to me. “I am very unhappy with you my pet.”

“Yes Sir”

I didn’t know if I should begin my begging now or would it just make it worse.

You take me by my arm and you pull me and say, “Lay across my lap”

I do as I am told.

You raise the towel up and suddenly without any warning or talking you hit me really hard with the large paddle.

I yelp out and you hit me again even harder. You lay the paddle down and rub my stinging cheeks.

I try to hold back the tears. I think the not knowing what you are thinking or what you are going to do is the worse part. My not knowing is killing me.

You take my arm and tell me to get up and you have me standing in front of you.

You begin talking to me.

“My pet, I try to be easy on you because you have to deal with so much and I think I am pretty fair in the rules I have set.”

“Yes Sir, very fair” *Sniffle*

“Well, I am not going to ask why you did what I caught you doing because I already know and I also do not want to hear you beg me for forgiveness and you then would have the chance to try and soften me with all the reasons of you wanting me being the excuse why you did this.”

“Yes Sir”

“Go get on the bed, on your back no towel”

“Yes Sir”

I walked over to the bed and dropped the towel and you stood up and told me to pick it up and lay it on the bed, I did as you told me in a hurry.

I was now lying on the towel in the middle of the bed on my back.

You laid all the toys and the bag on the end of the bed. You reached in and pulled out the spreader bar we made out of an old broom stick.

You began talking to me again.

“I want you to pull your legs up and place this stick behind your knees and keep your legs bent and holding this stick in place with your legs open and up at all times understood?”

“Yes Sir”

As I did as I was told I became very open and exposed for you. Both of my openings were right before you.

You reached in the bag and grabbed the ropes and then tied my hands to the bar so no matter what you do to me or how much I wiggle and squirm, my legs will stay up and open and in turn will not interfere with what ever you have planned to do with what is all yours.

You patted my wet opening with your open hand and said, “Yes all mine”

You reached up and placed both of my breasts between my arms that were reaching down where my hands were tied to the stick.

Because they are so big and my arms were close together they now are pressed together and my nipples are standing straight out to you.

You push both of my nipples together and suck and lick them and moan and again you say, “Yes all Mine”

I look down and notice you seem to be as hot as I have been and there is an apparent hardness showing through your shorts.

You notice me looking and grab it and stoke it through your shorts and say, “Yes my pet it is hard, I get very excited when all that is mine is laid out before me”

“Would you like some of this my bad lil pet?” You drop your shorts to the floor then slide up on the bed and spread my lips open and run your hardness up and down my wetness.

You moved back and smack my hardened clit with your hand and smiled as I moaned out loudly “Yes Master, I want to cum for you and feel you inside of me filling me up”

You reach down and then grab my clit in your two fingers and pinched it and tugged on it.

While tugging on it you then reached up and pinched one then the other of my nipples.

In total pleasure I think to myself there is no way you could have possibly seen all that I did or even most of what I was doing because you would not be letting me go through this that feels so good if you had.

I moan loudly and begin to lift my butt off the bed to attempt to try and get closer to you.

You smack my outer thigh really hard and told me to stay still.

Just to tease me You spread me wide then slip deep inside of me and grind hard against me and ask me, “Feel good my pet?”

“Ohh God yes Master yes! Ohm more please ohhmm, pump deep inside of me hard”

You draw out and do so very fast.

I moan out as if in deep pain.

“You have been a bad lil girl; I do not think you deserve to have me inside of you. I think you need to be punished. I can not let this go. I will not let this go.”

You slide back down off the bed. You smack my wetness again really hard with your hand.

You reach up and roll my nipples under your palm then begin pinching and rolling my hard nipples in your fingers. You tug and pull and pinch them both at the same time.

You reach down and run your fingers between my folds and massage my clit as you lean down and suck and lick my nipples one then the other. “MMMM yes all mine”

You go to where my clit is with your face and spread me open and begin licking my clit then nibbling on it. “MMMM yes all mine”

I so want to cum right now all over your face. I try not to but I lift up off the bed a lil wanting more of your mouth on me.

You raise your hand and smack my lips really hard. “I said stay still”

Feeling the stinging I say, “Yes Sir, I’m sorry”

You get the purple toy and turn it on and rub it up and down my lips and insert it into me stroking it a few times with my wet opening.

I cant help but moan and to tighten around it.

You remove it and turn it off and lay it on the bed. Then you get the burgundy cane out.

“My pet you know I Love you very much but this is the lifestyle you wanted as much as myself and you agreed to following the rules.

We wrote the rules together and you know I have been what I think is very reasonable. You also know that of all the rules there are two that kind of go hand in hand that displease me more then anything and hold the more severe of the punishment, is that right?”

“Yes Sir”

“So there won’t be any hard feelings when you are punished for playing with the soap and the water in the shower and Cumming without permission?”

My heart sank, He seen not only some of it but ALL of it! I must have suddenly become very flushed because you noticed and said,

“Yes my pet, I seen it all. I sensed you were not in bed and I wanted to have my pet and came looking for you so that I could and what do I find but my pet caressing herself with a bar of soap and her hands roaming all over pinching My pets nipples and spreading My pets lips so that the water can make her cum and all without My permission”

I began to run on now wanting to beg for forgiveness, “I’m sorry Master I won’t ever do it again, I was just cleaning and it just kind of happen and I was thinking of you…”

You shushed me again.

As you shushed me you reached up and pinched my nipples. One and then the other.

“I do not want to hear the I’m sorry my pet, you will be punished and it better not happen again.”

“Yes Sir”

“Now that’s enough talking”

You grab the cane again and bring it up and down on the bed a couple of times and flick it in the air and I close my eyes as I hear it swoosh in the air. (it is made of the top of a fishing pole – thin fiberglass)

You then raise the cane and bring it down across my legs, thighs and lips not stopping you bring the cane down across my opening and butt time after time.

Ohh the stinging. After about 10 times you reach down and massage me and slide your finger in and out of my wet red lips.

You reach up and start pinching my nipples and reach for the crop. You begin smacking my lips hard with the crop and pinching my nipples one then the other.

You smack my lips harder and harder. The stinging is nearly unbearable. I feel the tears that were nearly flowing freely from the cane.

You don’t stop you bring the crop down on my open wetness harder and harder. After like 20 licks you stop then spread me open and rub my clit then lean in and lick it and suck on it. “MMMM yes all mine”

You pick the cane up and begin swooshing it back down on me up and down my thighs and butt and lips.

You like the red lines and swelling marks of the cane and begin to speak to me as you stop after 10 or 15 licks.

“I love to see you all open to me but I hate that it has to be a punishment for you my pet.”

“Will you be touching and rubbing and exposing for the water my pet’s lil clit to pleasure yourself without My permission again My pet?”

Through the tears I sniffle “No Sir not ever again” *Sniffle* “I’m sorry Master”

You climb back on the bed and you begin to lick my thighs and butt and lick from the back all the way up to the front and open my lips and begin sucking on my clit.

“I’m going to take you my pet and you are not to cum do you understand?”

“Yes Sir”

“If you cum, and you know I will know, then you will get 50 licks on your clit with the crop and I do not mean pleasure hits. Is that clear my pet?”

“Yes Master, I understand, all of me is all yours and you will be having me for your pleasure”

“That’s right my pet. Good girl”

You lie down on your belly and begin opening me as wide as you can and lick and suck and pinch my clit and slipping a finger in then two then three you pound me and then pull them out as you feel me tighten around them.

You lick and suck even more. You lean in and nibble hard on my swollen clit and moan deeply against it.

You get up on your knees and bring your hardness against me and spread me wide open and slip inside of me pushing very slowly then suddenly thrusting fast and deep and reaching up and pinching my nipples.

Then grabbing the bar between my knees grinding your pelvic deep and hard against mine you thrust even harder.

I moan deeply and loudly wanting so much to cum but knowing I better not. You moan and moan as you pump harder and harder.

You keep pumping and then your strokes slow as you push harder and deeper and your warmth fills me.

“Ohhh My wonderful pet, All Mine”

“Ohh Master, ohh please let me cum, you feel so good inside of me, I want to please you and cum all over you and squeeze you so very tight inside of me.”

As painful as it is even for you, you draw out.

“NO my pet – All Mine. Besides you had yours already this morning”

You were reaching to take the ropes off then said “No I think I will leave you this way a lil longer”

You turn the purple toy on and open my lips and lay the toy against my clit and then slid it up and down. I’m wiggling on the bed wanting so much to cum for you.

“Master, Please let me cum for you”

You reached in the bag and grabbed two more toys. You got a smaller toy and slid it up and down in my wetness and got it all wet and slowly slipped it inside of my back hole.

I moaned not caring just wanting to cum I am so hot I can hardly stand it.

After inserting the smaller toy you turn it on low. I moan deeply.

Then you reach up and place the purple toy against my clit again and place clothes pin on one nipple as you massage my clit then one on the other.

You turn the purple toy up and slide it up and down and press the top hard against my clit. I begin to shiver trying so hard to maintain my composer and can’t help but moan and beg

“Please Master, Ohhmmm Please Master let me cum”

“NO my pet”

You begin sliding the toy in and out of me. Then you leave the toy inside of me and start sliding them both in and out then letting them stay inside of me.

You begin to pop the back and sides of my thighs with the crop. The pleasure of the pain and stimulation of the vibrators had me nearly not even on this plane in my mind.

You reached over and took one clothes pin off and then the other I squealed out in pain. You leaned over and licked my nipples.

You reached down and took the purple toy out. You leaned in and just before you started licking me you whispered, “Do not cum until I say so my pet, do you understand?”

“Ohhmm uhh Yessss Sir Master.. Yessss Sir”

“Are you ever going to play or cum without my permission my baby girl?”

“Noo ummm Noooo Master.. Neeverr”

You slide my lips open with one hand and as You lean in to lick You start sliding the smaller toy in and out slowly. You licked slowly and press hard against my clit with your tongue.

I begin to wiggle and you look up and say, “Be still my pet”

I just moan and grown deeply wanting only for you to devour me.

“When I begin licking you again my pet you can cum as soon as you want, understand my pet?”

“Ohh thank You Masterrr ohumm yess Sir, thank You”

You slide the smaller toy out completely and then lay flat on your stomach and spread me wide and flick my clit with your tongue and make me jump and twitch.

You reach up and begin rubbing my nipples and as you rub and tug on my nipples you lick my clit and suck on it.

It doesn’t take long for the tingle to run through out my hole body and I shudder and groan out very loudly as you bring me to a full spasm of orgasms.

I shutter and moan and groan loudly thanking you and telling you how much I love you.

I feel dizzy and weak and as if I am floating.

I’m moaning and trying to catch my breath

You slowly get up and begin taking my hands and legs loose.

You allow me to curl up and then you lie next to me and hold me close.

“I love you too my beautiful lovely pet”

All I can do is moan and whimper as you hold me until I drift back off to sleep a very content, corrected, satisfied, owned pet.

The first story written by precious – before the “Only in a fairytale does a girls dream come true