This was during The Masters college exam days. *dreadful days*

she is such a big baby, if she doesn’t get her allotted time in she’s cranky and moody. she knew this was a time that He simply couldn’t help. It was exam time and the few days before He would really crack down on His studies. she understood this very much but still wanted her time and was trying to not be so whiney, so He can do what He needs to in peace.
Some days were better than others. Today she was doing fairly well, wasn’t easy though. she would quietly move about the house doing little things needing to be done and trying to keep herself busy. When all was done she took her a shower and came back out with her hair combed but still wet, she grabbed His pillow and was holding it with one leg under her sitting on the bed watching tv. She would look towards the tv then back to Him. He happens to look over at her once and caught her smelling His pillow and He just watched her for a few minutes. she was sitting in a big comfy night shirt and her socks and He could smell her perfume from when she walked by.

He tried to concentrate back on His studying. He would study for a few minutes then look back over to her. she leaned over still holding His pillow and laying on hers on the bed still watching tv being very quiet and good. He slowly slid His chair back and walked over to her getting on His knees by the bed and stroking her hair going down her arm and then her thigh and resting His hand on her ass.

He smiles at her and her back at Him. “Did this girl disturb You Master?”

“No, My pet you didn’t, not intentionally anyway.”

“Your girl is sorry Master.” she lowered her eyes from Him.

He lifted her chin, “you didn’t do anything wrong beauty” He leaned in and kissed her lips softly then brought His face to her neck, moving her hair and smelled her while He kissed her neck.

He ran His hand up the back of her shirt feeling she had no panties on as it is supposed to be in the evenings after her shower. He caressed and ran His hand across her back and ass, moaning softly in her ear “Skoot over My pet”

He slides His hand out of her shirt as she moves away from Him on the bed. “Yes Master”

He slips out of all of His clothes and lies up on the bed alongside of her leaning in to her neck kissing it again as He reaches and runs His hand up the front of her shirt.

He tugs on her shirt and raises it to her shoulders. He slides one leg over hers and gently lays part of His body on hers. He first looks her in the eyes and kisses her deeply then breaks the kiss to start kissing her down her neck and chest.

she moans softly loving the kiss whimpering as He breaks the kiss then arching her back only slightly as He kisses down her body. He reaches her right breast and circles her nipple with the tip of His tongue until it gets hard then He gently tugs on it with His teeth..sucking then biting a little… He releases it then drags His tongue across to her left breast and does the same..

she moans out.. “ohmmm Masterrr” feeling little chills run through her as her nipples harden as He bites, sucks, tugs on them.

He gets totally between her legs and slides down the bed grabbing her legs and bends them at the knee pushing them up towards her body, opening her legs wide. He releases one leg but she holds it in place without Him even having to ask. He takes His free hand and runs His index finger from top to bottom of her wet slit.

she closes her eyes and moans trying to open her legs even wider wanting to give all of herself to Him. He takes His thumb and presses into her clit rubbing it in little circles. she lifts to His hand a little and turns her head to the side whimpering.

He stops and strokes His hard cock replacing His thumb with the head of His cock rubbing her clit slipping it down to her open wetness but not going in just making His cock wet… sliding it back up to her clit rubbing it more….

she lifts her ass off the bed and rocks her hips really slow wanting more of Him wanting to feel Him sink deep inside of her yet loving His cock working her throbbing hard clit.

she is moving her head slowly and whimpering and moaning. “Feel good My lil girl?”

she only whimpers and moans. He pops the side of her thigh hard…. she groans at the sting… “Answer your Master beauty”

she licks her lips and softly speaks… “yes Master, it feels very good to Your girl, thank You Master…ohmmmmm”

He smiles still rubbing her clit with His hard cock. Dropping it on occasions keeping it wet but then back to rubbing her throbbing clit. “That’s My girl, you answer when Your Master speaks to you, do you understand?”

she whimpers out “yes Sir Master”

He reaches up with the other hand off her leg and pinches her right nipple twisting it and pulling it then over to the left… “Reach up and pinch both your nipples for Me girl and don’t stop”

she does as He ask and begins tugging and rolling her nipples in between her fingers and He reaches down and opens her up and rubs His hard cock against her even harder…..

she is groaning and moving her hips and lifting her ass going with every stroke to her clit.

“You want to cum for your Master girl?”

Without hesitating she quivers and answers…”yes Master please.. please let Your girl cum for You..please Masterrrrr… shes moaning and whimpering.

she tugs and pinches her nipples hard as she feels Him massaging her clit wanting to cum for Him. “Ohhhh gawdd Masterrrr plzzz let Your girl cummmm pllzzz” she rocks a little harder.

He is watching as her wet hole contracts and she lifts to Him then looks back up at her and tells her “Cum for your Master Now My girl”

she seemed kind of in the moment as if she didn’t hear Him and was rocking on the head of His hard cock on her clit…”NOW girl!”

she hears Him and holds herself against Him and lets out a deep groan as she feels a wave fall all over her body and she begins to cum for Him… not once.. not twice but several times…as long as He holds His cock on her and presses into her clit she cums for Him.. He watches as the milky creaminess oozes out of her.

Without a word He suddenly moves His cock from her clit and drops it a little and plunges it deep inside of her… she lets out a very loud moan unable to control it she cums all over Him.. He slaps her thigh really hard several times.. “Did I say you could cum girl?”

she has to give it much effort but she answers, “no Sir Master, sorry Sir, You just feel so good inside of this girl” moaning deeply..turning her head again still pulling on her nipples because He never said she could stop.

“Look at your Master girl” He holds still for a few minutes… she’s breathing shallow..

she turns and looks up to Him… “Yes Master?”

He starts slow stroking her… she closes her eyes.. He slaps her thigh hard… she opens her eyes and winces at the sting knowing He wants to look at her face and wants her looking at Him…. “Sorry Master”

“Keep looking at your Master… and you can cum as much as you want, do you understand?”

It is hard for her to answer while He is sliding deep inside of her, shes trying not to cum and trying to breathe enough to answer Him.

He stops “Answer Me girl, do you understand”

she takes in a breath and licks her lips “yes Master, long as shes good and keeps her eyes open and watches You she is allowed to cum and not hold it at all”

He starts stroking her inner walls again. “Good girl”

she watches Him as He holds onto her legs and starts pounding hard… she screams with her orgasm but keeps watching Him… gaaawdddd Masterrrr

He reaches under her and grabs her ass and pulls her up even closer as He pounds deep in her in and out…His balls slapping her ass.

she cums over and over again squeezing and contracting around His cock. Loving the feeling of Him being so deep inside of her. Every time He pounds hard the head of His cock grazes her inner g-spot and causes her to spasm into several orgasms.

He feels His cock swelling and throbbing and He is fixing to fill her and speaks to her slowing His pace. “beauty listen to Your Master”

she feels week and barely there but feeling so wonderful and loved… she hears Him and answers.. “Yes Sir”

“I want you to not cum anymore until I tell you, do you understand”

“Yes, Sir Master”

she groans and tries to obey Him. Once again, she squeezed Him and warmth wrapped around His cock and He slapped her thigh several times and stopped stroking His cock inside of her.

“girl, what did Your Master say?”

she swallows and answers… “You said for the girl to hold it until You tell her Master…she is sorry Master”

“Don’t let it happen again or you won’t be allowed for a long time and you will just suck My cock to please Me is that understood girl?”

“Yesss Masterrr” she feels a quiver fall over her as she concentrates on not cumming again.

“good girl”

He slowly starts stroking deep inside of her. He slides almost out then slowly pushes all the way in pressing in hard as He goes as deep as possible. she groans deeply, and she can hear Him moaning as well. she loves hearing Him moan it means He is being pleased while using her.

He picks up the pace and keeps it steady. His cock getting harder and throbbing He feels that moment of right before exploding go through Him just before He shoots deep inside of her He tells her “cum with Your Master girl… now!”

she moans out loud and so does He as their juices flow together. He presses in deep filling her and she milks His cock taken in every drop as she cums all around His cock.

she can feel their warmth dripping down her crack.

He slow strokes several times feeling her milking Him then gently slides out and lowers her legs and gets up alongside of her holding her close. He turns her to her side her back facing Him and snuggles up close to her. He nuzzles into her neck and whispers “you have been a very good girl beauty, I love you”

she smiled loving Him holding her so close and His words gave her much comfort. “thank You Master, your girl loves You very much too”

He smiles and says “but I love you more” and kisses her shoulder.

He holds her for several minutes and she nearly drifted off to sleep. “Master will be right back beauty you stay right here girl”

she softly answers with her eyes closed “yes Master”

He pulls her shirt down a blanket over her. He goes to the bathroom and grabs a wash cloth out of the cabinet and runs the water getting it almost hot. He wets the wash cloth and goes back to the bed. He slips the blanket down and pulls on her shoulder to get her to lie on her back.

she looks up at Him and smiles.

“Open your legs beauty” she opened them, and He slide the wash cloth down and cleaned her she lifted and He cleaned her completely. He folded the wash cloth and laid it between her legs then pushed her legs closed.

He leans in and kisses her lips softly. “Master is going to take a shower; I will be back in a few minutes”

“Yes Sir, thank You Master”

“your welcome girl”

He smiled down to her and ran His fingers through her hair then bent to pick up all His clothes and went to take His shower.

she laid with her eyes closing and content pulling His pillow close to her again. He took His shower and came back to find her sleeping. He ran His hand gently across her cheek and leaned in and kissed her then went back to studying.