The Master of the house had gone on a small over night trip. The girl was left home and was instructed to do her duties, chores and to be his good little girl while he is away. She loves him so and wants nothing more then to please him. After what seemed to be a very long night with out her Masters touch or even the sound of his voice the morning finally came. She stretched and yawned then grabbed his pillow and inhaled his aroma. She misses him so. It feels as thou she has this great gap inside of her when he isn’t there with her. While caught in her thoughts the phone rang. At first she was startled then she was excited thinking it could be him and quickly answered it.

“Hello” she said in a sweet somber voice.

“Good morning my pet, did you sleep well?”

She melted just hearing his voice on the other end of the phone.

“Yes Master, your girl slept very well with your pillows” she smiled.

He kind of chuckled getting the message loud and clear that his pillows were no replacement for his being there.

“I will be home in a few hours my little girl and you won’t need the pillows” he tries to keep his composer picturing her pouting and how adorable she is when she pouts.

“Your girl can hardly wait Sir”

He can tell she perks up just hearing him and being assured he will be home soon.

“What were you doing my girl?”

“Just sitting here smelling your pillows Sir”

“What’s my girl wearing right now?” knowing the answer already, he asked.

“Just the telephone receiver Sir” she says in a playful voice.

“Mmmmm that’s my girl now grab and pinch one of your nipples for me and let me hear you moan as if I were there with you.”

She reached up and grabbed her right nipple and gave it a good hard pinch and rolled it between her fingers and she began to whimper and moan into the phone.

“Ohmmm Master uhhhhhoooo”

“Mmmmm yes my little girl, now stop and be a good girl and I will be home soon”

“OOoo Master….” She whines

“That’s not a whine is it my little pet?” he chuckles loving every minute of this.

“Sorta Sir, sorry Sir” if she had been standing, she would have stomped her foot.

He knows her so well.

“You’re lucky you aren’t standing because that desire to stomp would get you in trouble my girl wouldn’t it?”

“Yes Sir..”

“I’m going to hang up now my girl, you be good for me ok?”

“Yes Sir”

They hung the phones up and he smiled loving her and the control he has even many miles away. What a wonderful gift he has in her.

She laid there for a moment thinking of him and all he means to her and how she feels so safe even when he is gone because he continually assures her that miles are only moments between them. He will never leave her or let her go. She reached up and touched her collar recalling the moment he placed it on her.

After basking in the moments with him she quickly got up and put on an outfit of clothes from a selection he has set aside only for chores. Today she is wearing a white t-shirt and her short blue jean shorts. He likes her in the short shorts so when she is cleaning and he is there to watch her bend it gives him great pleasure. Thou sometimes, it delays her chores because he takes her right then and there at a moments notice.

She started with the bed linens. She stripped the bed and pillows. She gathered all the laundry and began washing. As the machines were going she was dusting and cleaning everything trying to make it absolutely perfect for when he arrives. There are no dirty dishes and even the refrigerator has been cleaned. The floors have been cleaned as well as the area around his computer. She took special care in dusting and organizing all their little stuffed critters as well. She completed the laundry and put it away. The bed was made and all neat with the pillows fluffed.

She noticed a few hours had passed and completed her chores with the bathroom being the last thing to clean. After all the chores were done she jumped in the shower so she will be clean and presentable before her Master.

She dressed in an almost to her knees black silk gown that is open in the front and held together only by the silk ribbon laced through it. She has the top of the ribbon loosened.

She is to wear no panties when she is expecting him so the only thing she has on is the gown.

She picked up her pillow that she is to sit upon while waiting for him to enter their home. She placed it in the center of the floor where he has before instructed so she is the first thing he sees.

After placing her pillow she pulled her gown up just enough to settle down on her pillow with her knees parted. She placed her hands one on each thigh palms up and waited for her Master to return. This is his requested position for his arrival.

Time seem to take forever to tick on by. Just as she felt like she just couldn’t sit still anymore she heard the keys in the door. She felt all warm inside knowing he soon would be inside. She took a deep breath in, slowly let it out and lowered her head waiting for his entrance.

He turned the knob and stepped inside and smiled as he seen his girl waiting on him. He noticed the house looked really nice and he was very pleased. He laid his over night bag on the floor and went through the mail he picked up on his way in the house purposely not mentioning anything to her.

Her heart was pounding but she knew not to move until he instructed her to greet him.

He could hear her trying to breathe more smoothly and smiled as he continued to sort the mail and look around the house. He walked through each room very pleased.

He laid the mail by his keyboard and stood by the bed.

“Come to me my girl”

Her heart sank to hear his words finally and she leaped to her feet. She turned and nearly knocked him down as she rushed to him and embraced him.

“This girl has missed you so much Master”

“I have missed my little girl also” he laughed.

He leaned down and placed her face in his hands as he began to kiss her. As their mouths opened and their tongues began to be intertwined her moans of contentment vibrated into his. He began to slowly slip his hands into her hair as he kept her close. The kiss was a long and very passionate one.

One of his hands slowly grabbed some of her hair and he broke the kiss as he pulled her head back and began kissing her neck and the soft skin of her chest right below her neck. He kissed and ran his tongue along the side of her neck and up to her ear. He traced her ear with his tongue and she began to whimper.

“Shhhh my pet.”

He tugged her hair just a little bit harder as he began to caress her shoulder and then down to her breast with the other hand.

He moaned lightly in her ear as he felt her nipples begin to harden through the silk.

“Very nice my little girl” he whispered.

She began to moan and he pinched her nipple.

“Shhhh my girl.”

She raised her leg only slightly nearly going to stomp and caught herself.

He begin to nibble on her neck and pinched each nipple the last even harder noticing her leg raise to a near stomp.

He slipped his hand over to the ribbon in the front of her gown and began to loosen it as he continued to pull her hair slightly and he kissed, licked and sucked her neck.

Her gown fell open more as the ribbon was loosened. He kissed further down her soft skin. He licked a line from between her breast to her neck.

It was getting harder and harder for her to keep quiet. She began to wiggle just a little and moved closer to his body.

He whispered in her ear, “To the floor my girl, on your knees and lean over our bed”

He released her hair as she began to move as he told her to. She gently dropped to the floor and as she moved her gown began to fall a little but she did as she was told and leaned over the bed on her knees.

He lifted her gown and ran his hand across her bottom.

“Spread your legs some my pet”

She slowly parted her legs for him.

He ran his hand down between her legs and felt her wetness.

He leaned down and moaned in her ear, “MMmmm my girl has missed her Master hasn’t she, you may answer.”

“ohhmmyesss Master, very much”

She started to move her bottom closer into his hand as he touched her loving the warmth of his gentle hand.

“Don’t move girl or I’ll stop, do you understand? You may answer”

“Yesss Sir, sorry Sir”

She held her place as he ran his fingers between her wet lips and slowly slid one finger deep inside of her.

She gripped the bed linens and began to bite her lip trying very hard to be still and quiet.

He slid his finger in and out several times pushing deeper and slightly harder each time. After several strokes he slipped in a second finger.

She started to move and pulled on the bed cover.

He pulled his hand away.

“No moving my girl”

She whimpered even though she tried very hard not to.

He raised his hand, “Count my girl”

He smacked her bottom.

“1, thank you Sir, sorry Sir”

He smacked her a little harder. She could feel the sting and resisted the flinch.

“2, thank you Sir, sorry Sir”

He smacked her again.

“3, thank you Sir, sorry Sir”

“Now be still my girl”

The smacks were hard but it made her want him even more.

He slips up closer behind her and leans over her.

“You liked that didn’t you my bad little girl? You may answer”

“Yesssss Master”

He grabs her by the hair and pulls her up with him and he holds her against him. He is behind her on his knees. He wraps his free arm around her, caresses her and pulls her closer to him as he presses himself against her.

He releases her hair and runs both hands under her silk gown. He gently pushes her back down on the bed and takes his shirt off. With her gown pushed to her shoulders she could feel his bare skin touch hers when he leaned in to lick and kiss little trails up and down her back.

She moaned. She couldn’t hold it in, he felt too good to her skin. He didn’t stop. He loosened his pants and got directly behind her. He ran each hand along each of her inner thighs and parted her legs more.

He stroked himself a few times then places the head against her very wet entrance.

“You want this my little girl? You may answer.”

“Yesss Master, please enter your girl and take her for your pleasure.”

He moaned hearing her give herself to him even though he could freely take her.

He slipped inside of her just a little. He caressed her back and bottom, his free hand never stopping.

“Tell your Master what you want girl”

“This girl wants you Master inside, feeling your hardness pressed deep within her. Please take this girl Sir”

She was moaning and begging just as he had desired and he grabbed her hair in one hand and pulled her closer as he sunk deep inside of her.

“MMMmmmm that’s good my girl.”

She moaned and pushed against him as he pressed deep inside of her. She was yanking on the bed linens as he pounded deep inside of her and pulled on her hair.

“Ohhh Master..uhhhhhmmmm”

“No my girl”

He pounded harder several more strokes then slowed his pace. Very slow nearly slipping out on several strokes.

“OOhhh Masssterr pleaaseee Siirrr, Mmmmmm”

“No my girl”

He released her hair and ran his hands along her sides and then to her hips. He pulled her closer and began to stroke a little faster and pivoting his hips to hers.

He reached up and ran his nails down her back, not breaking the skin but hard enough to have her shivering and begging for more.

“Yesss Masster..thank you Sir…OHhhhh pllleeaasee Masssterr”

“Soon my girl”

He withdrew from her and she felt like he took part of her with him. She let out a very disgruntled groan. He lifted her against him by her hair then kissed her neck.

He whispered in her ear, “Lay on the floor on your back girl”

She was caught in the moment and didn’t move quickly enough.

He pulled her hair. “Now girl”

She quickly moved to the floor and lay on her back. She had her knees up and then let them fall apart. He grabbed each of her wrists with his hands and pulled them above her head as he leaned in between her legs.

He whispered to her, “You may speak and may moan but you’re not to move until I give you your permission do you understand girl?”

“Yesss Master, thank you Master”

He kissed her deeply and pressed his warm body against hers. She moaned and whimpered wanting to feel him touch her and consume her.

He took his lips from hers after sucking and nibbling on her bottom lip and began kissing down her shoulders and neck. He bit her shoulder gently and moaned loving the smell and taste of her skin.

He lifted and moved enough to line himself back up with her entrance. He watched her face as he slowly slipped back deep inside of her.

She let out a loud moan. He stroked deeper and faster as her moans became louder and more intense. He moaned loving the feeling of her tight wetness. She was squeezing him with every stroke getting tighter and tighter. Her breathing was becoming shallow and he knew she was near her breaking point.

“MMmmm you feel good my girl, you please me very much. MMmmm Yess my girl. Lift and meet my strokes”

She started lifting and squeezing tighter and was meeting all of his strokes.

“Ohmm Master…ohhhhhmmmm” She bites her lip “Masterrr please Masterrr”

He lifted to his knees and took her with him by holding onto her thighs. He kept stroking as he had her slightly off the floor. After only a few strokes his breathing was becoming as shallow as hers.

“Now my girl Now!” “Ohmmmmm”

His words sent waves of pleasure through her. She lifted and moaned out to nearly a scream as she gave all of herself to him while he at the same time filled her with his warmth.

The room is filled with both of their moans and scents of pleasure. She milked and drained every drop from him.

“Mmmm yess my girl, take all of it”

He slowly began to lower her as it was beginning to subside. He withdrew very slowly and she whimpered as he took it from her. She tried to lay still for him but he knew she needed to be held and cuddled until it totally passes for her. He slid next to her and she curled up in front of him.

He wrapped his arms around her and kissed her shoulder and arm. He stroked her hair and moved it away from her face as he calmed her with his words.

“I love you my little girl, you have pleased me.”

He got up and slipped his pants completely off and pulled the covers back on the bed. He reached down and lifted her to the bed.

“Come here my little one”

She came to him feeling weak totally depended on him for her composer and he led her to the bed. She lay down and he snuggled up behind her.

“Turn to me my girl”

He gently pulled her towards him as he pulled the covers over them. She turned to him and laid her head on his chest. He slipped his hand down her back and tugged on her gown and she lifted as he slipped it off and tossed it to the floor. She laid back down on him as he held her.

“That’s my girl. You did a wonderful job in the house baby. I am very pleased with you”

She softly said, “Thank you Sir, this girl loves you Sir”

She drifted off fast asleep content as he held her close.

He fell asleep holding his most prized possession.


Loving you and kneeled waiting

Your little girl